Fall In Love On Vacation And Want To Bring The Person Across The American Border? What To Know First

If you have fallen in love while on vacation and you want to bring your new love interest back into the United States to live with you, there are some steps you have to take. You can't just marry the person and then expect them to get their green card. The government will want to know a lot of information before they let you bring this person to live in the country, and they will have a lot of questions about your new romance. Here are some of the things to consider doing to make sure you are following the rules and regulations.

Call About Temporary Options

If you want your love interest to live with you before you wed, or if you have already gotten married but their citizenship hasn't been approved, make sure that you have filed all the proper paperwork. They may need the following things:

  • Work visa or permit to get a job
  • Visitation visa
  • Immigration officer to check into

Make sure that your lawyer has you prepped for what you should be doing so you are following all the laws while their application for citizenship is reviewed.

Get the Application In

You want to have the immigration lawyer manage and file the application for citizenship. This way you are confident there aren't errors that could delay the application or stop it from being approved. The lawyer will take down the details of your partner or spouse right away to get the application filed.

Stay Out of Trouble

It is imperative, as your partner tries to get approved as an American citizen, that they don't get in any trouble with the law while the application is being processed. This means no traffic violations, crimes of any kind, or filed complaints. This could ruin your case and application if there are any charges or reports against the applicant.

There are so many different steps that you will have to take if you want your partner to be a legal citizen, and if you want to live a life with your partner that is free of any immigration problems. Take the time to get the paperwork going, and don't bring them into the country or hold them in your home when they aren't approved to cross the border. Immigration lawyers handle all of this and they will be the best option to get everything done with the temporary and permanent applications fast and effectively. For more info, contact an immigration attorney in your area today.

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