Need To Adopt A Family Member In Another Country? What Type Of Lawyer To Hire

If you have family that you have had to leave behind in another country, and you want to adopt a family member that is a minor, you want to find the right type of lawyer. You want to find an immigration lawyer that specializes in family law, so that you can get the child into your custody and safety, and so you can handle everything legally. Here are some things to talk with the lawyer about and do to help your case when you are ready to present it in front of a judge.

Reason for Adoption

You want to prove that the reason for adoption is because you want to be the legal guardian and parent of the child, not just so they can get into the country. If where they are living in unsafe, if their parents don't want them, or if for some reason the parents aren't able to care for their child properly, you would have grounds for wanting to adopt the child and provide for their care.

Temporary and Permanent Citizenship

You need to get a temporary visitation visa for the child so they can come into the country and stay for longer than a traveling visit. The lawyer can file the paperwork to make sure everything is in order and you aren't doing anything illegal that could jeopardize your case. Once the paperwork is filed, your lawyer can help you with other documentation and things.

School, Childcare and More

Registering the child in the public school system or getting childcare will have complications because the child isn't a legal citizen. Until they are, consider doing the following things:

  • Updating vaccinations and getting the child medical attention if needed
  • Enrolling in private education options
  • Finding a personal care provider for the child

These are just some of the options, and each case will be different with the child's ages and needs for care or education.

If you want to take a child that someone in your family in another country can't care for, you want to find a lawyer that can help work with your case quickly. A family lawyer that works with immigration law is one of the top professionals and best options for the case and the work you have ahead of you, so get started by interviewing with a couple of family law attorneys to see who you would like to represent you.

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