Helpful Services That An Immigration Attorney Can Provide To Clients

When you immigrate to this country, you want to do everything possible to stay here and avoid being deported. However, the laws regarding your legal stay are subject to unexpected changes. You may not be sure from one moment to the next what is expected of you as an immigrant.

To find out for sure what you need to do to stay legally in the country, you can hire an immigration attorney to represent you. An experienced immigration attorney can provide a number of valuable services to you.

Renewing Your Green Card

When you first came to the country, you may have been issued a green card. The green card is only valid for a certain amount of time, however. When it nears its expiration date, you must either renew it or prepare to leave the country.

When you want to renew it, you can hire an immigration attorney to assist you. The laws for getting and keeping a green card may have changed significantly since you were first issued one. Your lawyer can explain what the laws are and what is required of you to renew your card and guide you in submitting the paperwork to get a new one issued to you.

Appearing in Court

If you have committed an offense that threatens your stay in the country, you may need to appear in court to argue your case. You need an immigration attorney to represent you during the proceedings. Your lawyer can argue for why you pose no risk to the country, why you should not be deported, and why the judge should not cancel your visa or green card.

Your lawyer can also make sure that you know when and where the court appearance is. He or she can make sure that you appear on time and avoid being sent back to your home country.

Finally, your immigration attorney can help you pursue citizenship and becoming a permanent resident. The path for pursuing citizenship can be complex and confusing. You need to study for the test, obtain proof like your birth certificate from your home country and pay the necessary fees. Your lawyer can make sure you meet each requirement to become a legal citizen and stay in the country permanently.

An immigration attorney can provide valuable services to immigrants. He or she can help you renew your green card, appear in court, and apply for permanent citizenship.

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