When Do You Need The Services Of Immigration Attorneys?

There is no need to get an attorney while applying for a visa or green card. As long as your case is straightforward, you are eligible for the benefits you seek, and you have no criminal record, the process will be pretty smooth. 

Some scenarios, however, require you to get an attorney's help as it saves you the time and frustrations that come with the procedures. They are outlined below.

If You're Having Trouble Weighing Your Options

Imagine you are an employer seeking to hire a skilled worker. The worker could be eligible for different types of visas or green cards but may not be able to decide what the best or fastest option for them is. This is where an immigration lawyer comes in. The lawyer helps you and your employee figure out the visa that suits both of your needs.

If You Have Been in Immigration Court Proceedings

Since the law will always be biased against you, it is best to get yourself an experienced attorney if you are currently in or have ever been in immigration court deportation proceedings. The situation is particularly difficult if the proceedings haven't been completed, so the courts hold all the cards in your immigration situation. Even if the proceedings have been finalized, it is important to ask your attorney whether the court's outcome will still affect your application.

If You Are Inadmissible

Several reasons could make you inadmissible:

If any of the above grounds apply to you, you better have your immigration attorney on speed dial, as you're going to need all the help you can get before beginning the application process.

If You Can't Deal With the Paperwork

Immigration applications involve filling out forms and collecting documents to prove your eligibility. While at it, you may be asked to follow detailed instructions. The slightest mistake could have your application delayed, returned, or, worse still, rejected.

Paperwork isn't a new thing to immigration lawyers as they have handled it all their career life. 

They possess not only the knowledge but also streamlined systems to ensure the smooth preparation of the applications. If you want peace of mind while going through a visa application process, an immigration lawyer is your best shot.

If You Want to Hire Foreign Workers

Let's say you are an employee looking to get a green card for a foreign worker. You will be required to complete the labor certification (PERM) process. Owing to the complexity of the process, you might want to hire an attorney as they are well-versed with such procedures.

The points above prove just how indispensable attorney services are. You can always rely on an immigration lawyer to keep your affairs in order.

For more information, reach out to an immigration attorney in your area.  

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